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Caravanning is one of the fastest growing leisure pursuits in this country, and the need for specialised training is clear. Today’s roads are busier than ever, and people seem to have less tolerance than ever.

Every driver needs to increase their advanced planning – not just when they are towing, but during normal driving as well.

That’s why we have an experienced instructor, Kevin Nason, on hand to provide caravan towing lessons to help keep you safe on the road.

Kevin is a recently retired Essex Police officer and trained Police driver. He was also a qualified trainer at the Essex Police College for some of his career and has also been a Divisional driving assessor. He has owned and towed caravans and trailers for many years.

These lessons are ideal for those new to towing or with limited experience who require more confidence. The lessons are conducted here at Barnfield Caravan Storage and a major part of the lesson involves instruction and practice in reversing and manouvering.

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A few towing tips:

  1. In general driving, look and plan well ahead.
  2. Remember you have an extra load behind, so drive slower and prepare to stop sooner.
  3. Take hazards and corners wider to allow for the extra length of your towed vehicle.
  4. There are restrictions on speed and where you can drive towing a trailer / caravan, so please refer to the Highway Code.
  5. When reversing it is better to reverse the whole unit (towing vehicle and caravan or trailer) in a larger arc or circle, making small adjustments to the steering wheel.

In short, plan better, drive slower and be patient, good conduct for us all to follow in our driving even when not towing.

Training costs £100.00 for a private 2 hour lesson. Book a caravan towing lesson.

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