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If you are looking for secure storage for your super deluxe motorhome in Essex or nearby we provide super sized plots on one of the most modern, secure and easily accessible storage facilities in the area.

Where you store your motorhome may affect your insurance policy for the vehicle so owners need to be aware of the implications of storing your motorhome at your home address, whether it’s on a public road or not and your postcode can all affect your premiums. As we are CaSSOA accredited this can sometimes reduce your premiums further still.Storing your motorhome at a secure facility when you’re not using it may even reduce your insurance premiums as well as giving you the extra peace of mind that it is secured in a controlled, monitored environment

“We offer super sized plots for storage of larger deluxe motorhomes”

Preparing your motorhome for storage

Choosing Barnfield Secure Storage for your motorhome will give you the peace of mind that your vehicle is in a secure and safe place. Preparing your motorhome for storage will help to reduce the risk of any failings in the vehicle when you return to use it.

If you have an electronic security device for example it is vital to ensure that the battery powering the device is kept charged and active – some security devices have an alarm to warn you of power failures but by then it may be too late.

Keep your motorhome water system drained down to ensure the drain valves are at their lowest point – you can find out the location of your drain valves in the manufacturers handbook – draining areas such as internal and external showers, toilets and ‘wet’ heating systems will protect your motorhome from the elements especially in the winter.

Lastly, always check that your insurance is up to date and valid for your motorhome at all times wherever it is stored.

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